Why I shoot fine art nudes


When I first started doing photography, I had a cheap Nikon point and shoot digital camera and a desire to shoot nature. At the time, I was working as an IT technician in a small-town PC repair shop. I had access to any type of computer equipment I needed, and I started building out a good high end graphic editing PC. That was the messy start to my photography hobby.

Over the next few years, I played with Photoshop and took images of flowers, landscapes, and old growth trees, vegetation, etc., mainly around my family’s property. Once I started perfecting my floral and landscape shots and post processing, I then turned to selling the images I created. It was not much at the time, but along with setting aside money from my day job, side tech jobs, and art sales, I was able to buy an entry level SLR Nikon camera.

After getting a better camera and becoming a decent photo editor in the floral fine art field, I was published in a few popular magazines and sold a good few fine art floral prints. I decided to get a better camera and lenses. This venture is what spurred my decision to branch out and start shooting people. At first, I did portraits and started trading off shoots with models to help them build their portfolios and mine as well. The whole time was spent focusing on getting money to upgrade my equipment. Nude art was not even a thought at the time.

The combination of my daytime tech job and my side jobs as a freelance portrait photographer finally came together when a client requested a classic fine art nude style shoot. Due to her work that she did, she wanted the images encrypted, so that no one else could access them without her password. This was my first fine art nude shoot. I was reluctant to take on this project at first, but I needed the money and the client was professional. The shoot itself was completely out of my comfort zone, and I had to fall back on what I knew, fine art floral. I used lighting techniques used on floral shots, and I scaled it to highlight the curves of the human figure. The results amazed me.

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