Pooles Mill Bridge – fine art photography


Pooles mill bridge has long been used and is now a historic site and park.  Photograph was taken with a Hasselblad H4D.  One of the first photographs I took with the Hasselblad.  The river was murky due to a storm the night before but still I was stunned by the beauty of the location.  The sun was just right to lightup the leaves around the bridge and cast rays onto the water.  The shadows and reflections in the water made it feel like a magical place.

Using the Hasselblad and post processing the images from that day gave me new respect for the brand.  The images were stunning and the level of detail was amazing.  Something about Hasselblad just makes the images really pop.  One down side, due to how heavy  the camera is you have to use a tripod to get a shot without camera shake.

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