Alone with thoughts – Fine Art Photography

In the quiet of the night, She sits alone, feeling fright. Her heart is heavy, her mind in pain, Loneliness has her trapped in its chain.

She looks out the window at the stars above, Wishing for someone to fill her with love. Her soul is weary, her spirit torn, In the emptiness of the night, she mourns.

She tries to find solace in books and art, But the emptiness within her heart, Refuses to let her find peace and rest, Leaving her feeling lonely and blessed.

She walks the streets in the dead of night, Hoping to find a glimmer of light. But all she finds is a world asleep, Leaving her alone to face her grief.

She whispers a prayer to the sky above, Asking for guidance and a symbol of love. And in that moment, she feels a breeze, A gentle touch, a sign of peace.

So she holds on to that feeling tight, And takes a step towards the light. For she knows that someday she will find, The love and peace she’s been seeking to bind.

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