n yesteryears, the world was different, The days were long, the nights were brilliant. The sun was bright, the sky was clear, And laughter echoed throughout the year.

The air was crisp, the breeze was sweet, The world was full of wondrous treats. The flowers bloomed, the birds would sing, And every day was like a dream.

The streets were filled with sounds and sights, Of children playing in the bright daylight. Their laughter filled the air with joy, And every day felt like a new toy.

The world was simple, yet full of grace, And people had a different pace. They took the time to stop and see, The beauty that surrounded thee.

In yesteryears, life was slower, And people’s hearts were much more bolder. They cherished every single day, And lived their lives in a gentle way.

Though times have changed, and things have grown, Those yesteryears will forever be known. For they were filled with love and cheer, And memories that will forever be dear.

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