Savannah – Moss

Savannah, city of the South, Where history and beauty intertwine. Magnificent mansions and oak trees’ boughs, Create a stunning and magical design.

The streets are paved with cobblestone, The buildings’ facades boast charm and grace. Tucked away are hidden homes, And secret gardens in every place.

The riverfront is bustling with life, The ships and boats sail up and down. Visitors marvel at the sight, And listen to the city’s lively sounds.

The scent of sweet magnolias fills the air, As the sun sets on this charming town. The locals know, without a care, That Savannah will never let them down.

In every corner, a piece of history, From Revolutionary War to Civil Rights. The city’s culture tells a story, That never fades with the passing time.

In Savannah, the past is always present, Its grandeur is impossible to forget. As visitors and locals remain enchanted, By this city they will never regret.

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