Blow – fine art floral photography

Blow floral photography

Amidst the stillness of black and white, Spring flowers bloom in their vibrant might, Petals unfurling, reaching for light, A sight to behold, a true delight.

In monochrome, their hues may seem lost, But the beauty they bring is never tossed, For even without color, they’re embossed, In hearts and minds, their essence accost.

The crocus, daffodil, and tulip too, Are a testament to life anew, Their presence brings a much-needed cue, To start afresh, bid winter adieu.

The cherry blossoms, pink and white, Adorn the trees, a stunning sight, Their fragrant blooms, a pure delight, In black and white, they shine bright.

Spring flowers, a reminder so clear, That life renews, year after year, And though their colors may disappear, Their message of hope, forever near.

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