Lotus – floral photography

Amidst the murky depths of pond and lake, The lotus blooms, a symbol of renewal’s wake, Its roots firmly planted in the muck below, But its petals stretch towards the sky’s glow.

For though the lotus grows in dirty water, It emerges pure, a symbol of life’s totter, And with each bloom, it offers a new start, A fresh beginning, a beating of the heart.

The lotus teaches us to rise above, To find beauty in even the ugliest of love, And though life’s trials may be tough, Renewal waits, like a lotus in the rough.

So when we face challenges, and feel dismay, And the road ahead seems a misty gray, Let us remember the lotus, and its way, And find the courage to renew each day.

For like the lotus, we too can grow, And in the face of adversity, we can show, That renewal waits, like the sun’s glow, And new beginnings, like the lotus, will flow.

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