Iris – floral photography


On a spring morning, in the garden bright, The iris blooms, a wondrous sight, Its petals delicate, yet strong and true, In shades of purple, pink, and blue.

The dew still glistens on the leaves, As the iris nods, like it believes, In the beauty of the day, so new, And the promise of a world to renew.

The garden awakens with a hum, As bees and butterflies start to come, Drawn to the iris, like a sweet perfume, A dance of life, in full bloom.

And as the sun rises higher in the sky, The iris stands, so tall and spry, A reminder that life goes by, And beauty waits, if we just try.

So let us embrace the springtime grace, And the iris in the garden’s space, And find the joy in each day we face, Like the iris, with its vibrant pace.

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