Spring flowers

Spring brings new hope, a fresh start, A time to heal and mend the heart, As winter’s chill begins to depart, And nature awakens with a lively art.

The snow melts away, revealing the ground, And life begins to sprout all around, With buds on the trees, and flowers unbound, A symphony of color, and sweet sound.

The world is alive, and so are we, As the sun grows warmer, and the days grow free, With the promise of a life yet to be, And the hope that blooms, like a springtime spree.

For spring brings new hope, a time to renew, To shake off the old, and embrace the true, To find the courage, to start anew, And let our dreams, like the flowers, come through.

So let us welcome the springtime cheer, And let our hearts and minds be clear, For with each new day, there’s nothing to fear, And new hope and life will always appear.

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