Fine art nudes and Ebay bans


This week I had the above image removed from the eBay nude art section and received a few day ban.  The image had a good bit of sales and listed for almost 4 years now.  This year started off with a few images being removed and I contacted ebay customer support since more graphic images were still up for sale and all removed listing were years old.  The support rep assured me that the rest of the listing did meet guidelines.  However, the way Ebay has the guidelines written any rep can flag any nude image at will.

So the fine line between nude art and adult content is the question is it sexual.  Without any real guidelines, a rep can flag images based on personal views regardless our the artistic values in the image.  Now with the images removed I have the option of placing them in the adults only section with pure porn images or just leaving them off of ebay completely.  Also, the adult only section has a larger listing fee than art does.  I personally think it is Ebay trying to push images to the adult only section to get more money.

I have decided to move the removed images to where there is a clear guideline on fine art!  For customers who are looking to complete the full set of images for their collection, please see my Amazon store at 

To purchase the image above, please visit



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